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Utilizing renewable energy to develop society and improve living conditions.

"Above photos were taken from KCCS's projects in Japan"

KCKM Profiles

KYOCERA Communication Systems Kinetic Myanmar Co., Ltd. (KCKM) is a joint venture by (1) KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS), which is part of one of Japan’s biggest multinational companies, KYOCERA Corporation; (2) Kinetic Myanmar Technology Co., Ltd and (3) Propel Network Sdn Bhd.

KYOCERA has been building residential, municipal and industrial solar power systems worldwide and is renowned for excellent power output and long-term reliability. Kinetic Myanmar Technology Co., Ltd has joined hands with Kyocera to undertake solar power projects from the Department of Rural Development with the aid of World Bank.

KCKM is determined to provide high-quality products and services by combining advanced Japanese technologies with human talents from Myanmar…Read More