The New Value Trontier

KCKM has taken initiatives to construct mini-grid solar power plants in accordance with the policies of the Department of Rural Development (DRD).

The cost of the solar power plant borne by the village will depend on the demand of electricity from each household.

The  Company is Responsible upon to Contract Period, will be charged Electricity and then will be Referrer to Village Electricity Committee Switch on  Power.

Each household will be provided with:
1. 3 5-watt LED bulbs
2. 1 Main switch
3. 1 Circuit
4. 1 Meter
5. Necessary Equipment (e.g. wire)
6. MCB, RCCB (Circuit Breaker)
7. Installations
(basic unit installations are excepted)
The metering & billing system
The method of payment is prepaid card which is the same as the prepaid phone.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Electricity for the street lights will be provided to the villages by KCKM. In addition, every month we will provide up to 20 units of electricity to the following establishments (terms and definitions are at KCKM’s sole discretion):
1. Schools
2. Religious buildings
3. Clinics